How long have you been preparing returns?

I got interested in preparing returns in 1994. Over 20 years so far.

What are your qualifications?

I got interested in taxation and I took a simple tax course in 1994. From there I immersed myself into learning as much as possible about taxes and went back to college to take all undergraduate tax courses to be able to sit for and pass all parts of the CPA exam. I also sat for and passed the Enrolled Agent’s exam to be able to represent my tax clients before the Internal Revenue Service. I also stay currently on continuing education courses every year. Outside of professional requirements to prepare returns I have a passion for helping my clients with their tax returns. In my opinion, tax preparation is a people business, not a numbers business.

Why specialize in the entertainment industry?

I have dual careers in tax preparation and music performance, as I have been a professional bassist and vocalist since my teens, and have an equal passion in playing music and preparing entertainment tax returns.

What is your turnaround time?

I try to get all returns completed within the week I receive them, but occasionally during March 15th and April 15th there can be a bit of a backlog from that time-frame being my busiest. I automatically file an extension for all returns received between April 1st and 15th to avoid any late filing penalties.

What method of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, card, Square, PayPal, Chase Quickpay and online bank transfer are all welcome.

Do you do returns for those not involved in entertainment?

While most of my clients are involved in some facet of entertainment, I also do returns for anyone that works as employees or are involved in small business, LLC’s, nonresident returns, partnerships and corporations.

How can I get my tax information to you?

I meet most of my clients that live in Las Vegas in person, but for clients outside of Las Vegas I can accept your information by email, fax, upload portal on my website, mail, or even by using the camera function on your cellphone.

Can you form an LLC for me?

I am a commercial registered agent in the State of Nevada and can form a Nevada LLC for Nevada residents as well as those residing in another state, and can serve as the “brick and mortar” location for your LLC.

I haven’t filed my tax return in a few years, can you help me?

Yes! I am always glad to help someone get caught up on their tax filings. What normally happens is I ask my client to sign an IRS-specific power of attorney that allows me to contact the IRS on their behalf, and I can then access the wage and income information for each year to file. I can also talk to the IRS to set up payment arrangements, request holds on most IRS actions, and set up Fresh Start payment agreements.

Do you file estates and trusts? How about non-profits?

I can file what’s called a K1 from estates and trusts that someone would report on their personal return, but at present I am not involved in setting up estates, trusts, or nonprofits.

Do you do offers in compromise?

I handle someone’s tax account throughout the required filing of all delinquent tax returns to get ready to apply for an OIC, and then refer my clients out to a trusted coworker to handle the actual paperwork filing for an OIC. She has very successful outcomes and doesn’t do returns so we have a perfect partnership in helping out tax clients.

Can you efile my returns?

I am an ERO (electronic file originator) and can efile almost all federal and state returns, with exceptions being nonresident returns and amended returns. Occasionally unforeseen circumstances require returns to be mailed in, but if it’s possible to efile (IRS mandate) I definitely do it.

Can you represent me with IRS matters?

Yes! I talk to the IRS almost weekly on behalf of many of my clientele, and can receive and submit information to the IRS via phone call, fax and letter. I can also request a hold on any IRS action while we are working on your tax account. I can also represent you in person with the kind folks at the IRS in case of a tax audit.

Which returns do you prepare?

Individual, LLC’s, Schedule C’s, Form 1120 Corporations, Form 1120S S Corporations, Form 1065 Partnerships, 1099 filing and mailings, Quarterly payroll returns (941’s), and LLC renewals.

Can you guarantee me a refund?

I cannot by law guarantee a refund or base my fees on the amount of your refund, but I pinky swear to legally get your refund as large as possible, or your tax due as low as possible with the submission of a 100% correct tax return.

Can you file a return for me even though I live in a different state?

I have tax clients in dozens of states and in a handful of foreign countries, and can definitely take you on as a client regardless of where you live.

Do we have to meet in person for you to do my return?

No. Most of my clients live out of state and I am glad to take care of your return even though we don’t meet in person. But when my clients are in Las Vegas I try hard to meet a client face-to-face regardless of when I file their tax return.

I need an extension; can you help?

I’m glad to file an extension for anyone needing one, and require a $50 deposit that goes towards the completion of your return to do so. I waive this fee for longtime clients.