IRS Direct Pay

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Online Payment Agreement

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Per Diem Rates

Foreign rates per international country/city

Per Diem Rates

Foreign rates per international country/city


Helps you keep track of your income, expenses and net worth


My personal pick for keeping track of your mileage with your mobile device

Where’s My Refund?

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American Funds

My personal choice for funds, see your financial advisor to purchase these

The Dave Ramsey Show

I tend to line up with Dave on his finance ideas, check him out!

Farmers Insurance

My personal choice for all insurance products


If you run a small business, you definitely need this to keep your documents on all your devices

901 Customs of The Label Lust

My personal pick for website design, Cory is a good man and a fabulous designer and will work hard to make your site perfect, just like mine! 🙂

Mortgage Rates

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Harald Kohl

My personal Ed Jones representative


My personal choice for keeping track of income and expenses on the go